Jo Hadley | Bio-spiritual, integrative, physiotherapist,
Bio-spiritual, integrative, physiotherapist, physiotherapy, holistic
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Jo Hadley Holistic Integrative Physiotherapist, bio-spiritual Therapist is now practicing  at Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre & also at Entire Physiotherapy in Queanbeyan.

Contact  in Manuka

Live Well Holistic Wellness Centre,

Ground Floor, 35 murray Cres,

Manuka. ACT 2603.

Phone: 02 6295 0400




Jo Hadley

Holistic Integrative Bio-Spiritual Physiotherapist;

Fascial & Connective Tissue Practitioner;

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher &

Heartmath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety & Self Regulation

Running Injuries Therapist

Unity Field Healing Practitioner – Energy Medicine


For Unity field Healing – NB. UFH is NOT conducted at LIVE WELL but remotely or in person by arrange with Jo. Jo conducts UFH work independently of her work at LIVE WELL.

Email for UFH:

Entire Physiotherapy

1/59 Cooma St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

(02) 6299 5183


Book now to see JO:

Contact for Unity Field Healing Sessions:

If you feel drawn to experience Unity Field Healing for yourself you can book a session in person with Jo in the Canberra area or you can have distance/remote healing session. The UFH session lasts approximately 60 minutes & this includes some time pre & post UFH work to discuss what to expect & then your post session check in.

To schedule a UFH session with Jo:


Text: 0438436330

Sessions can be performed in person in the Canberra area or by distance/remotely. A remote session involves the client resting comfortably on a bed/treatment table at the same time Jo performs the healing session. A video or phone call will occur both pre & post session.

N.B. Please note Jo will NOT be performing UFH at  her Vibe Rehab location. Jo conducts UFH sessions independent of her Vibe Rehab work.

Cost of UFH Sessions:

  • Session 1 – $100
  • Session 2 – $100
  • Session 3 – $100
  • Sessions 1,2&3- Bought as a package: 3 for the price of 2: $200