Jo Hadley | My Treatment Philosophy
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My Treatment Philosophy

I like to spend time with my clients so I can listen to the whole story and have time to address all aspects of an injury. I treat one to one with one hour consultations (shorter consultations can be made if the issue is resolving or is not complex).

Work-life balance is important to me and so I prefer to take time with people so I can enjoy my work and also so I can feel confident that I have given everything I have to offer to each client. In my opinion, in most cases, if I spend more time with someone in the first few sessions then I believe the condition should resolve quicker and thus require less treatment overall.

My philosophy is to get the assessment right, give the appropriate treatment and advice and allow the client to then self manage and move on with the rest of their life.

I enjoy a good analogy and nice photos so I will share with you some of my favourite analogies…with a smile and poking a little fun at myself!

People (and humanity), in my opinion, are like trees. We both need to be grounded and have healthy roots systems, we need to grow towards the light, all parts of us are connected and we both shed the old and redundant to make way for new growth.

Also it is my opinion that the treatment practitioner is like a teacher, we can teach you about your injury or condition and advise on how best to manage it, but in the end the responsibility is in the patient’s hands to determine if they agree with the advice and if so to implement the suggested steps. To solve a problem requires active change. The therapist can remove some blocks with manual therapy techniques but often the patient has to actively participate and change something as well. In general, the practitioner helps the patient learn to heal themselves.

(Check out my favourite quotes on this I found on the internet below☺)

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