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Fascial Therapy/Connective Tissue Therapy/Fascial Manipulation

Fascia is a connective tissue which surrounds all cells of the body in a multi-directional network that connects not only the head to the toes etc, but also connects every system in the body. Therefore Fascial Manipulation by Stecco method/technique is a holistic whole person approach that covers not only musculo-skeletal issues but also internal dysfunctions caused by tight restricted fascia surrounding the organs.


If the fascia is blocked at any region it can inhibit muscle activity and thus create faulty movement patterns within the musculo-skeletal system, but as every organ has its own motility needs any fascial tightness around an organ can also affect the organs movement and function. The body has an amazing capacity to compensate throughout the fascial system to restrictions and problems but when a critical threshold has been reached and no further fascial compensations can occur then dysfunctions can arise in any system.


Often past injuries or sites of fascial tension can ‘silently’ be contributing to newer more current injuries/symptoms and these former injury sites need to be addressed as well as the current area of injury/illness/symptoms. Often if you discover & treat the source of the symptoms then a true resolution is possible.


Fascial Manipulation© technique is a whole body technique and the benefits are often felt within the first session if the correct set of points are treated. Musculo-skeletal issues can have an improvement of 30-80%. Internal dysfunctions do not always have pain or movement restrictions as their symptoms, so they may take longer to determine if the treatment has helped the condition. For example the symptom of bloating may require one week, or a symptom of menstrual pain may require one month, before a pattern has emerged to determine if the treatment has been effective with reductions in the symptoms. But even at the end of the first session the patient should feel a sense of lightness and well being.

Fascial Manipulation© is a technique developed by an Italian physiotherapist Luigi Stecco and follows a thorough assessment procedure before treatment is provided, using the identified blocked regions of fascia.

Fascial Manipulation points have been found to correspond to many acupuncture points and Trigger Points and is a non invasive technique, although it can cause some discomfort during the technique.

 IMPORTANT NOTE!  Treatment of internal dysfunctions can improve with this method when medical tests have not found any pathology. If pathology has been demonstrated to exist then the Fascial Manipulation by Stecco may assist with symptom reduction, but it does NOT change pathology. I work with medical doctors to assess and diagnose conditions.


Fascial Manipulation by Stecco can help the following conditions:

  • most musculo-skeletal conditions
  • sports injuries
  • low back and neck pain
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • sense of bloating
  • sense of tightness in the chest
  • palpitations
  • swallowing difficulties
  • vocal chord issues
  • recurrent allergies/dermatitis
  • recurrent infections in the same area
  • gastritis
  • urinary tract issues
  • menstrual pain
  • constipation/diarrhoea
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • and many other conditions

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For a more detailed explanation on what Fascial Manipulation© is and how it works please check out the official website:

Fascial manipulation