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Running injuries can occur for a variety of reasons:
1. Overtraining/poor training methods and programs
2. Change of shoes or training/running technique issues or
3. Some movement imbalances in the body – somewhere is tight or weak or both.
The area of breakdown/injury may be the same area that is causing the injury or it may be a different area away from the site of breakdown which is the actual reason for the injury.

Sometimes the area that breaks down is the ‘victim’ and not the ‘perpetrator’. The cause of the issue needs to be determined so a long term successful outcome can be obtained.

4. Poor motivations or reasons for running – the mental and emotional framework we bring to running is as important as our physical


Book in to have your running technique and form assessed. Running assessments are undertaken in a local park and you will be provided with a video analysis and tips for improving your technique flaws.

Good running technique is vital for minimising injury. The most neglected area in running is the foot. Even research has largely ignored this until now.

Foot muscle strength and endurance is important in running but depending on how strong the muscles are to start with (and often the running shoes worn) will determine how quickly the exercises can be progressed.

Listen to the following podcast from researcher Dr Irene Davis here.