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Bio-Spiritual Physiotherapy

Bio-Spiritual Physiotherapy

The body is meant to move! It was designed to move! Movement problems and postural problems can cause the body to function below optimal levels. Restoring proper function and movement in the body often restores many injury conditions.

If the body moves well we want to move more and moving more is good for our bodies!

So when times arise when your body is not moving or performing as it should, I provide a hands-on, manual therapy and exercise therapy based approach to assessing and treating a variety of musculo-skeletal injuries. I may assess the whole body!

The body is also directly connected to the mind/brain. We cannot move or respond to movement without the mind/brain. Our thoughts and emotional states can affect our movement. For example, try serving a tennis ball when you are tense thinking about the outcome of the serve or if anxious while playing the piano during a competition…your muscles that serve you very well in practice can tense up and deliver a below optimal performance and so it is with many other situations & movements. Therefore I use a mindfulness approach to movement, which means movement works better if you maintain your awareness on the movement while you perform it. Our body is always talking to us….we just have to learn to listen to the message and interpret it properly…like any skill it takes time and practice.


I has over 30 years experience as a physiotherapist. I have also trained as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, so I know how important how we think, how much we think and what we think is to our overall health.

The body and mind are interconnected and each can influence the other. Our external and internal receptors are continually sending information to our brain via our Autonomic Nervous System and responses get sent back along the same channels. It is a mostly subconscious biochemical and bio-electrical process. I also have training in Emotional Self Regulation i.e decreasing stress, using Heart Math techniques. Energy depleting/renewing emotions affect our heart rhythm or heart rate variability and this influences how our autonomic nervous system & brain functions & this has been shown to be a indicator for state of health.

The human body has the most amazing capacity to heal. If we cut our finger it can repair itself. Sometimes the trauma/injury is large enough to upset the balance of normal healing; or we may have unconsciously set up poor patterns/conditions for healing. Our bodies are always talking to us and telling us what they need in order to be in balance and harmony. Learning to listen to our bodies and understanding the messages can be difficult, especially if we may not want to hear what it is telling us. Sometimes our bodies have been out of balance and we live primarily in the Flight/Flight/Freeze part of the Autonomic Nervous System. This can create chronic levels of adrenaline & cortisol which can create havoc with our internal systems creating disease, injury and or dysregulaton.

Sometimes it takes time to restore the body to wellness and health and we may need some help along the way from various health practitioners, but for others the path to wellness may be much swifter…we are all unique and individual. It is wise to remember that life is a journey and not a destination. Each person’s circumstance is different and must be assessed that way.

I enjoy treating people with long term issues that have not resolved with other therapy and who are open to my total health way of viewing and assessing issues. I see myself more as an assessor of issues and a teacher. As I prefer to teach the client how they can change their condition/s, but sometimes I need to use manual therapy techniques first to remove blocks in normal movement patterns.

I have found that many people feel there is something wrong with them when they really need to just learn to listen to their own body and what it is trying to tell them. You just need to be willing to LET GO of what is creating the issue!


“Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream” ― Oprah Winfrey


I do NOT use acupuncture/dry needling/electrotherapy machines!


I believe for our best chance at total health we need to have balance in these four areas of our lives:

1. Nutrition – we need to eat well to provide our body with the nutrients it requires to heal and grow. Our digestive system is about 70% of our immune system so what we eat determines how well we are! Science shows links between nutrition and mental health.


2. Movement – our bodies need to move to ensure that we are moving the energy, blood and nutrients around our body. If there are areas of stagnation or movement blockages we need to remove them and this requires a combination of exercise/stretching and sometimes some body release therapy in the form of manual therapy.


3. Mind – mental health is vital for our overall well being. How we think, how we feel, what we believe creates reactions in our body for better or for worse. Mindfulness meditation can help balance this area.(Some people have more complex issues in this area and may require counselling or a psychologist also to assist in the journey towards wellness and I will recommend this path if necessary.)


4. Soul/spirit – This is the core of our being, the part that is touched by love, nature or performing work that makes us feel happy inside. It is the part of us that searches for meaning in our lives. This can be just getting a good dose of the outdoors, being in nature, gardening, running, being with loved ones or or like minded souls, performing work that helps others or makes us feel good inside…we know when we have it in our lives and we know when we don’t!


I also use manual therapy techniques to assess and treat injuries;


I am one of the few people in Australia to have completed Level 3 Fascial Manipulation training.

Fascial Manipulation, is an Italian manual therapy technique by Stecco, which assesses the whole body using a series of points similar to acupuncture, but without the needles, to assess and treat your musculo-skeletal health and also to treat some internal dysfunctions.

Fascial Manipulation takes into consideration how past illnesses, trauma and injuries may be impacting on your current complaint. Often people have multiple areas of aches and pains or discomfort, from a life well or not so well lived. Usually the initial problem can lead to compensations elsewhere in the body and if not resolved can go on to create more and more compensations until the body cannot compensate any further and symptoms begin to be noticed. The body has an amazing capacity to heal, but sometimes areas get stuck and need a release to allow normal function to return. Fascial Manipulation is often a fast and effective way to achieve this.

It is safe, efficient technique that requires on average 2-6 treatments. (Be warned though, it is a little painful for the few minutes a point is being worked on, but results are usually seen within a session.)

Fascial Manipulation is great for:


Musculo-skeletal problems:

  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Muscles strains
  • Multi-area sites of pain/dysfunction
  • Overuse injuries
  • Postural problems
  • Shoulder pain
  • Post fractures


Internal dysfunctions:
(pathology and medical conditions must be ruled out by a medical practitioner…Fascial Manipulation works best on conditions that medical practitioners do not locate pathology with testing but yet symptoms remain)

  • Recurrent infections /recurrent bronchitis/recurrent/cough
  • Bloating
  • constipation
  • Hoarseness/lump in throat/needing to clear throat regularly
  • Gastritis
  • Sensations of heaviness in various areas
  • palpitations/arrhythmias

Acute or chronic injuries and issues are treated. I do have a special interest in more chronic long term issues, as I utilise a whole person approach to assessment and treatment.


Often the longer a problem has been around, the more likely the chance of compensation and possibly also breakdown in another area/s of the body. It is common for a patient to come in with injuries/issues in a number of different parts of the body. These could be all or partly connected.

Sometimes the viscera and organs can be contributing to our symptoms.


I use many techniques but I have a special interest and am becoming much more focused on specialising in one particular technique-  Fascial Manipulation© -which is a whole person treatment method for both musculo-skeletal issues and other medical issues.

I DO NOT use electrotherapy or acupuncture!