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I am a physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience. My work and techniques are constantly evolving, as I hope I am also personally always changing and evolving. Currently I describe myself as a bio-psycho-social-spiritual therapist or quantum holistic therapist as we are much more than just physical. Our physical form and state of health is dependent on our being in balance physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. What happens to us changes what happens within us. Physical symptoms can be blocks from unprocessed/unresolved energies from mental, emotional or spiritual origin. My role is to allow a safe space to allow a clients’ block to rise to the level of their own conscious awareness because once we are aware of a pattern we cannot again be unaware & we then have the power to transmute or change it. We focus a lot in health about the biochemical aspects of health but the bioelectrical activity precedes the biochemistry.

I still use manual therapy techniques, mindfulness techniques & meditation, movement with awareness (consciousness raising) exercises and patient education and much more to treat clients. But now I am also an energy medicine practitioner – I am now also a Unity Field Healing practitioner. This work allows a safe space for clients to open to their own higher selves using the quantum field light template – the UFH Template to recalibrate your quantum DNA to assist in removing energy blocks within their physical, emotional, mental or higher bodies. for more information on Unity Field Healing. (please note: at this time I perform Unity Field Healing sessions privately – remotely & independently from my clinical physiotherapy work.)

In the physiotherapy clinic setting I still use as my main manual assessment and treatment method a new ‘whole person’, technique called Fascial Manipulation©. I have completed my levels 1- 3 & attended masterclasses  in this method.   Fascial Manipulation gives a great framework to understand how every part of the body is connected to the whole via the connective tissue or fascia. The aim of the treatment is to restore homeostasis or balance. Fascial Manipulation brings together issues of internal organ dysfunction (not pathology or developed illnesses), past injury or trauma and surgeries, &/ also with current and past musculo-skeletal injuries to determine how each may be influencing the other areas. Treatment sessions involve discovering the main source of the problem, which may or may not be near the area of symptoms. The aim is to restore balance within the body so all systems can function optimally.


I like to spend time with my clients so I can listen to the whole story and have time to address all aspects of an injury & how it may have developed. I treat one to one with one hour consultations (shorter consultations can be made if the issue is resolving or is not complex).

Work-life balance is important to me and so I prefer to take time with people so I can enjoy my work and also so I can feel confident that I have given everything I have to offer to each client. In my opinion, in most cases, if I spend more time with someone in the first few sessions then I believe the condition should resolve quicker and thus require less treatment overall. I tell my clients that I am merely a ‘plumber & drainer’ for human form- here to assist them to remove blocks so they can heal themselves & to empower them to learn to listen to their own bodies, so they can better follow the guidance of their own inner wisdom.

My philosophy is to get the assessment right, give the appropriate treatment and advice and allow the client to then self manage and move on with the rest of their life. We all have the capacity for self healing, just sometimes we require some assistance to remove any blocks we are not aware of, so then our bodies can do what they do naturally – repair & heal.

People (and humanity), in my opinion, are like trees. We both need to be grounded and have healthy roots systems, we need to grow towards the light, all parts of us are connected and we both shed the old and redundant to make way for new growth which happens from the inside out.

Also it is my opinion that the treatment practitioner is like a teacher, we can teach you about your injury or condition and advise on how best to manage it, but in the end the responsibility is in the patient’s hands to determine if they agree with the advice and if so to implement the suggested steps. To solve a problem requires active change. The therapist can remove some blocks (either physical/emotional/mental/energy blocks) with manual therapy techniques etc but often the patient has to actively participate and change something as well. In general, the practitioner helps the patient learn to heal themselves.


I always joke that I am undergoing a midlife crisis, as I have taken up distance running and have already completed 15 marathons and many more half marathons. I joke that want to ‘run the world’ by running marathons and half marathons around the globe. I already have completed marathons in Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, New York & Boston…I started with my two favourite destinations where I have great local friends and along the way I qualified for the oldest marathon – Boston, twice. Running in Boston was an awesome experience, on both occasions. Marathon runners heaven. Many more are on the schedule…see below.


I believe in healing myself first. This means I can then be more available to assist others in their journeys, so I spend time tending to my own wellness needs. I practice mindfulness meditation daily and consider my running as a moving meditation and spiritual practice. These two practices have contributed to my growing interest in nutrition and how what we eat can help heal us or help us to recover from the tough challenges we put our bodies through. Nutrition has also been shown to affect our mental health. It is all connected!


I also have a strong interest in all matters of the soul and spirit and am happy to discuss this topic with anyone interested. I believe the spirit/soul needs to be kept as healthy as our bodies and minds and it is easy to get out of balance in our fast paced world. In fact quantum science, pain sciences and other research is showing us that everything is energy and that how we think and feels affects our physical health also. Many of our symptoms have a combination of the mental/emotional and physical. I like to address all these areas in my treatment.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.



Jo’s Plans to run the World

Running for me is more than just recording personal best times or racing.

While I admit it is fantastic to run a P.B. or to win a race (or in my case my age category – Brisbane Marathon 2016, seriously  lol) it is not why I love running. Running is cost effective and requires little financial outlay and it is easy to do almost anywhere, preferably outside, but inside on treadmills are o.k. if that is all you have.

I love to get outside and just let my body move. It mostly helps me to defuse a lot of built up stress safely by turning that negative energy into movement energy and the endorphin kick at the end of a run is better than any drug. Also my cardiovascular system and muscles have gotten a great work out.

Being in nature is uplifting and good for the soul. I love to use my mindfulness meditation techniques as I run to try to stay in the moment and enjoy the scenery or what my body is experiencing with each step. Sometimes each step is not very enjoyable, especially in later stages of a race, but that is all part of the process.

Also running races, especially marathons not only gives me a goal to focus on, which is great for distracting myself from other life’s stressors but teaches me a lot about myself and life.

There is nothing like learning how to take life one step at a time when you are out of fuel at the 37km mark of a marathon…facing the challenges that a marathon throws at you is character building, at times disappointing and frustrating but ultimately a growth process as you determine how to run it better the next time, knowing deep down that every race is different and your body will respond and perform differently each time. But the fun of trying to beat the marathon is what keeps me running them, this and the idea of running through the streets of the best cities in the world. When else does a city shut its streets down so we can run through them?

Running the World Schedule:

Running Events Completed 2021

Canberra Marathon 2021

Running Events Completed 2019

  • Boston Marathon April 2019
  • Sydney Half Marathon May 2019
  • Brisbane Half Marathon June 2019
  • Sydney Half Marathon September 2019
  • Queenstown Half Marathon November 2019

Running Events Completed 2018

  • Canberra Marathon April 2018
  • Reykjavik Marathon August 2018
  • New York Marathon 2018
  • Sydney Half Marathon 2018
  • Sydney Blackmore’s Half Marathon 2018
  • Gold Coast Half Marathon 2018

Running Events Completed 2017

  • Boston Marathon 2017
  • SMH Sydney Half Marathon 2017
  • Berlin Marathon 2017
  • City to Surf 2017
  • Melbourne Half Marathon 2017