Jo Hadley | Movement is medicine! Find your optimal dose…
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Movement is medicine! Find your optimal dose…

As children, once we have learned to walk, then usually we learn to run soon after…and we often learn to run barefoot, or we did in generations past :). Some of us continue to run but many others stop running sometime during their teens or even earlier. Running is a natural activity, as is climbing, jumping, dancing etc. But some┬ápeople just don’t enjoy exercise or other activities are deemed more important

Keeping physically active is important for us all whether we like sport or running or not, moving keeps our bodies healthy…so my advice is to find some activity you like whether it be walking, yoga, horse riding, climbing etc and participate regularly so your body moves and your blood gets pushed through your body and your cells get nourished and the heart and lungs get utilised….movement and exercise are a form of medicine and are a great preventative medicine and is a path to wellness! Use it or lose it!

Research is showing that many of todays chronic illnesses, for example, diabetes or many heart conditions, can be prevented or improved by doing some exercise regularly. Humans were designed to move! Research also is demonstrating to us that sedentary sitting jobs are a contributing factor to many chronic illnesses…we need to move!

I often joke with my patients that humans are devolving into blobs. If we don’t use an aspect of our body’s or mind’s etc we lose the ability for this function and have to relearn it. The good news is if you have exercised or played a sport in the past, your muscle memory will help you to pick the activity up again quicker than a person who never played that activity ┬ábefore. So teach your kids some sports or movement related skills early so they have a foundation they can always return to.

If you have never exercised and and either want to or have to because of medical issues then it just means you have to start out slowly and slower than the person with a past activity motor memory…one step at a time…the most important thing is that you start and find an activity you like. Because if like doing something, there is a better chance you will stick with it. You may find that you get some niggles or injuries at first and this can happen if you start out too fast or too much more than your body can cope with or it can be that years of non exercising has caused you to develop some imbalances that might need a therapist to help you with so you can continue on your path to wellness and better health!


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